Border patrol

Language is a carefully maintained border in the domain of social relations wherein power disparities exist between cultural groups. The languages of the colonized may be subject to marginalization, containment, or expungement. They serve as signifiers of inferiority or subordination.


I was walking through the halls of the university and saw a flyer for a Yoga class with the tag line, “find inner peace”. For Africans, is it rational to seek inner peace without also disrupting the condition of isft that envelops us since the personal and social are entwined?

Jacob Carruthers stated that “The Niswt’s overall function, like that of Wosir, is the establishment of Maat in Tawi, i.e., to establish conditions where enlightenment will prevail over ignorance.”

I maintain that the establishment of Maat is also our charge. To establish Maat in the world is the true basis of enlightenment.
Referenced terms

isft is a Kemetic word that can be translated as wrong-doing or disorder.

niswt is the title of the ruler of Kemet. Pharaoh is a foreign term.

wosir is the divinity that the Greeks called Osiris.

tawi was the national name of Kemet. It referred to the united two lands. tawi literally translates as “two lands”.

Ideology and reductionism

Many claim that ideology enables us to better see. This is only partially true. Ideology draws our attention to particular things or ideas in such a way that it also blinds. Thus one must resist the seduction of ideological myopia and its reduction of reality to absolutisms.