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  1. Ali McBride

    Although the proverbial camels back has already been broken with regard to African people and what to do next, it has been solidified even more so with the recent information being exposed from one of President Richard Nixon’s Chief policy advisors when it was found that the war on drugs was a ploy to destroy Black folk since blatantly attacking them would be deemed “illegal.”

    One of the many times throughout history African people in this country have been subjected to policy from the United States government to have them annihilated, removed, destroyed, etc but this being the most recent “policy” to do so.

    Zbignew Brzezinski, another policy advisor to a few presidents of this country (even the most current) is also responsible for developing National Security Council memorandum 46 where he advised the Carter Administration to minimize Africans and African Americans from communicating with one another because it was literally a “threat” to this countries security.

    When this much information in just the last century is available and the well being of African people is considered, we actually have no choice but to at least consider “revisiting the Nationalist vision of emigration.”

    Thanx for tagging me Dr. Rashid.

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